Player Profiles: Kristin Desmond, SUSA FC

SUSA, Kristin Desmond
SUSA's Kristin Desmond.

SUSA FC will play its second season in the WPSL this spring. The defending Northeast Conference champions enjoyed a strong inaugural campaign finishing 7-1-0. Their season would come to an end after losing 1-0 to Cleveland Ambassadors in the WPSL East Regional final.

SleterFC has teamed with SUSA to offer profiles of players joining SUSA for the 2019 WPSL season. Next in the series is Kristin Desmond.

Name: Kristin Desmond
Age: 23
Position: Center Forward
Hometown/high school/year graduated: Northport/Northport High School Class of 2014
Current school/university (or school graduated from): Graduated from Hofstra University
Number of seasons at SUSA: This will be my second season with SUSA, but played for them since I was 13.

When did you first start playing soccer?
I started playing soccer when I was 3 years old.

What is your greatest memory of your soccer career?
My greatest memory of my soccer career was being able to see how my hard work paid off, which allowed me to compete at the Division I level. Also, winning a championship as a senior at Hofstra and being named Player of the Year are also great memories.

Who had the greatest influence on your playing career and why?
My parents and Moussa Sy. My parents because they pushed me to be the best I could be and they made everything possible for me to continue playing since I was three years old. Also, Moussa Sy because he was my trainer and coach who made me the player I am today. He never gave up on me, taught me to never give up, made me a coachable player and gave me the opportunity to chase my dreams, which led me to the best experience with awesome coaches in college.

What do you love about playing soccer?
I love everything about the sport. I love being competitive and how close it can make you with teammates or even bring people together. It’s a beautiful game I love it because anyone is able to play it whenever and wherever you are. Your size doesn’t matter or whether you’re on a beach, road or in a different country. You can even play the game with a volleyball, barefoot, on sand, dirt, grass…anything. If you have anything that can make two goal posts it makes soccer possible and even better to play.

Who/What is your favorite player/team?
Surprisingly I don’t follow soccer that closely but I do like Ronaldo.

Do you have aspirations of playing professionally?
I do hope to get a chance and the experience to play at the next level within the year or so. That was always a dream since I was a young player.

When you’re not playing soccer, you’re doing…?
When I’m not playing soccer I am working with special needs children and adults who have goals to be met. I’m working towards a masters degree in occupational therapy to assist people with their daily needs through rehabilitation.