Player Profiles: Catriona Sheppard, SUSA FC

SUSA, Cat Sheppard
Cat Sheppard

SUSA FC will play its second season in the WPSL this spring. The defending Northeast Conference champions enjoyed a strong inaugural campaign finishing 7-1-0. Their season would come to an end after losing 1-0 to Cleveland Ambassadors in the WPSL East Regional final.

SleterFC has teamed with SUSA to offer profiles of players joining SUSA for the 2019 WPSL season. Next in the series is Catriona Sheppard.

Name: Catriona Sheppard
Age: 18
Position: Goalkeeper
Hometown/high school/year graduated: Smithtown, Smithtown High School East, 2018
Current school/university (or school graduated from): University of New Hampshire
Number of seasons at SUSA: 1

When did you first start playing soccer?
For as long as I can remember, I played for the Green Machines when I was 4 and we really knew how to put on a good game for the crowd?

What is your greatest memory of your soccer career?
When my club team (Smithtown Hotspur) made it to nationals in Colorado. It had been our goal the entire year and when we finally won it was the most rewarding moment for all of us.

Who had the greatest influence on your playing career and why?
Both of my club coaches had a major impact on my playing career. My childhood coach and now current coach, JR Balzarini, taught me more than what to do on the field, he showed me what commitment and hard work looked like, and quickly corrected my bad habit of never being on time. My second coach, Mark Dawson, influenced how I viewed myself as a player and helped me understand how to be a captain and a leader. He also treated me with an immense amount of respect and being a teenage girl receiving the same input and voice as my coach helped me to be invested in the team and the game rather than my own performance.

What do you love about playing soccer?
I love the high you get when you make a save, and the satisfaction of playing in a hard-fought game and coming out on top.

What is your favorite player/team?
My favorite team has to be Tottenham Hotspur. My dad is from England and I grew up watching the games on Sunday mornings rather than cartoons.

Do you have aspirations of playing professionally?
I would love the opportunity to play professionally. I want to play soccer for as long as my body lets me and professional soccer would definitely make that dream a reality.

When you’re not playing soccer, you’re doing…?
I’m usually with my friends or teammates or listening to music.