LIJSL Awards Scholarships To 28 Players


The Long Island Junior Soccer League (LIJSL) recently honored 28 players at its annual Scholarship Breakfast. 

Held Sunday, July 14, at the Huntington Hilton, the scholarship recipients were selected by LIJSL volunteers based on academic and athletic excellence plus community service.

“Having lost our son Matt to a drunk driver, I feel obligated to warn the students going to college. You know who you can trust, you know who the good people are, so surround yourself with positive influences,” LIJSL Scholarship Chairperson Lynn Scarpati stated, “You are smart, gifted and hard-working, our best and brightest who we celebrate today. One mistake can change all that. We look forward to the next chapters of your lives.”

Six of the scholarships are named after soccer players who were killed by drunk drivers. 

The LIJSL Scholarship Program began in 1981 when one boy and one girl each received a scholarship and it has grown exponentially just as soccer continues to grow in the United States. 

(Photo caption) Back row, from left: Julianna Fryman, Julianna Gullo, Ashley Butcher, Paige Schroeder, Kelsey Miller, Madison Kasten, Angelina Fucile, Madelyn Wasilus, Ariana Vargas, Courtney Nelson, Krisia Romano.

Front row, from left: Ryan Sisco, Avery Stevenson, Hunter Ganz, Justin Kohan, Aidan Padala, Garrett Rospars, Kyle Kelly, Jose Pena, Alexander Wright, Jason Brigandi, Aidan Lotrugio, Frank Iemma.

Not in the photo: Paul Leheste, Lauren Redus, Anthony Shooshtary, Nicholas Valentine, Paulina Valentine

The LIJSL honorees:
  • Garrett Rospars attending the University of Rhode Island, Rocco Amoroso Sportsmanship Award Scholarship
  • Jose Pena attending Boston University, Peter C. Collins Presidential Scholarship
  • Krisia Romano attending Stony Brook University, Addie Mattei-Iaia Presidential Scholarship
  • Frank Iemma attending Farmingdale State, Jerry Marinan Memorial Scholarship
  • Courtney Nelson attending Farmingdale State, Brittney Walsh Memorial Scholarship
  • Aidan Lotrugio attending Washington and Lee University, Brittney Walsh Memorial Scholarship
  • Avery Stevenson attending SUNY Purchase, Sean Urda Memorial Scholarship
  • Kyle Kelly attending Albany State, Pat Grecco Scholarship
  • Ashley Butcher attending Cortland State, Bobbie and David Marks Memorial Scholarship
  • Lauren Redus attending the University of Rochester, Bobbie and David Marks Memorial Scholarship
  • Anthony Shooshtary attending the University of Rhode Island, Bobbie and David Marks Memorial Scholarship
  • Madelyn Wasilus attending Fairfield University, Eileen Frazita Memorial Scholarship
  • Paul Leheste attending the University of Minnesota, Michael Scarpati Memorial Scholarship
  • Alexander Wright attending Vanderbilt University, Matthew Scarpati Memorial Scholarship
  • Justin Kohan attending Syracuse University, Miles For Matt Foundation Scholarship
  • Aidan Padala attending the University of Pennsylvania, Miles For Matt Foundation Scholarship
  • Ryan Sisco attending St. John’s University, Miles For Matt Foundation Scholarship
  • Kelsey Miller attending the University of Arizona, Carolyn Page Memorial Scholarship
  • Paige Schroeder attending Sacred Heart University, Sandra Atlas Bass Scholarship
  • Ariana Vargas attending Queens College, Frank Gorman Memorial Scholarship
  • Angelina Fucile attending Lehigh University, John Pinezich Memorial Scholarship 
  • Madison Kasten attending the University of Maryland, Michael Secko Memorial Scholarship
  • Julianna Fryman attending Tulane University, Jonathan Marc Serota Memorial Scholarship
  • Hunter Ganz attending Ohio State University, Scholarship
  • Julianna Gullo attending Marist College, Modell’s Scholarship
  • Jason Brigandi attending the University of Michigan, Joseph Lombardo Memorial Scholarship and George Hoffman TOPSoccer Volunteer Scholarship
  • Nicholas Valentine attending Farmingdale State, George Hoffman TOPSoccer Volunteer Scholarship
  • Paulina Valentine attending St. Michael’s College, Modell’s TOPSoccer Volunteer Scholarship